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I came to dig

Verse 1: (TryHardNinja)

We diggin' all the time and you know we won't stop
We getting' diamonds man
Yea you know them big rocks
You playing peaceful while I'm the school of hard knocks
Grew fighting every day
call that Survival Block

Creepers trying' to do me dirty they won't sssmirk long
Just ask CaptainSparklez about that forged diamond sword
Just ask the Nanner man, Shwarzenegger Arnold, there's no point in running man
What you think this arrows for?

Sky's the limit we be building' this is our home
Another day, another structure, world that we own
There's no griefin' here cause you see that gravel road?
I'll leave it painted with your blood. Red stone.

And I'll be building whole cities. What do you know?
You still stuck playing with your daddies legos
I'm getting' busy Diggy Diggy like Blue Xephos
A step ahead, another class, always a Notch above

You make a shack to live in
I make the Taj Mahal
You choppin' down a tree
I made a Pokeball
You are soft break apart like a clay block
I'm solid like a golden oar
I got this game on lock


I came to dig
If you're crafting and you know it put your hands in the air
Wanna see you swing that pick axe like you don't really care
Came to dig, do it big
Block Billionaire
If you're crafting and you know it put your hands in the air

Verse 2: (Captain Sparklez)

Oh no this again
Gotta take a sec kill a pig again
Dealing with a creeper and he's hisssss hissing
and I'm gonna get revenge like a tune I'm in

We're a father son relationship
I'm the block and you're just the chip
And these boxes are my currency
So I'm always stacking mine like Pringle chips

From the sea and to the desert this is my reality
From the caves until the nether it's my world to oversee
This might seem like something special but we do this everyday
This is my land. Made with my hands. This is Minecraft and I came to dig.


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