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DMX X Gon' Give It To Ya 03:35
DMX Where The Hood At 04:46
DMX Dogs Out 04:03
DMX The Rain 03:27
DMX Party Up (Trap Remix) 04:18
DMX Ruff Ryders' Anthem 03:34
DMX We Right Here 04:27
DMX X Gon' Give It To Ya 03:38
DMX What These Bitches Want 04:11
DMX My Life 03:09
DMX Lord Give Me a Sign 03:28
DMX F Y'all 03:41
DMX feat. Swizz Beatz We in Here 03:57
DMX What's My Name 03:53
DMX Get It On The Floor 04:23
DMX Slippin' 05:06
DMX We 'Bout To Blow 03:28
DMX Shot Down 03:40
DMX Ruff Ryders' Anthem 03:34
DMX We're Back 04:25
DMX I'm a Bang 02:52
DMX No Sunshine 05:17
DMX X Gon' Give It To Ya 03:35
DMX Untouchable 06:05
DMX Fame 03:37
DMX We Don't Give A Fuck 04:07
DMX One More Road To Cross 04:20
DMX The Professional 03:35
DMX I Can Feel It 04:12
DMX feat. Busta Rhymes Come Thru (Move) (Dirty Album Version) 03:42
Ja RuleDMXNasMethod Man Grand Finale 04:37
DMX It's All Good 04:18
DMX Get At Me Dog 03:06
DMX Make A Move 03:33
DMX Y'all Niggaz 03:20
DMX Here We Go Again 03:52
Blackburner & DMX Let It Go (Blackburner Vs. DMX) 03:20
DMX On Top 03:34
DMX Angel (Featuring Regina Bell) 05:05
DMX Krew Dramatic Exit 04:59
Mr. VegasDMXSean Paul Top Shotter 03:22
DMX A 'Yo Kato 03:46
DMX Who We Be 04:47
DMX What's My Name 03:52
DMX Comin' For Ya 04:00
DMX Damien 03:42
DMX Unreleased (feat. Jadakiss) 03:02
DMX D-X-L (Hard White) 04:21
DMX Give 'Em What They Want (Dirty Album Version) 02:46
DMX Go To Sleep 04:42
DMX Bring The Noize 03:30
DMX Blackout 04:56
DMX We Go Hard 03:36
DMX feat. Big Stan I Run Shit (Dirty Album Version) 03:56
DMX More 2 A Song 03:42
Mase 24 Hrs. To Live (feat. The Lox, Black Rob & DMX) 2016 Remastered 04:14
DMX feat. Swizz Beatz We In Here (Dirty Version) 03:54
DMX Dog Intro 03:32
DMX Rob All Night (If I'm Gonna Rob) 03:27
DMX Stop Being Greedy (Album Version) 02:20
Blackburner & DMX Dog Madness (Blackburner Vs. DMX) 03:45
Three 6 Mafia Poppin' My Collar (Explicit Cracktracks Remix feat. Project Pat and DMX) 04:18
Blackburner & DMX Assassins (Blackburner Vs. DMX) 03:47
DMX No Love For Me 04:01
Blackburner & DMX How We Roll (Blackburner Vs. DMX) 03:41
DMX Thank You 03:01
DMX Goodbye (Dirty Album Version) 04:50
Blackburner & DMX Game (Blackburner Vs. DMX) 04:05
Blackburner & DMX Get Back on My Feet (Blackburner Vs. DMX) 03:48
Nas feat. DMX Life Is What You Make It (feat. DMX) (Album Version) 04:04
DMX The Convo 03:33
Blackburner & DMX Motherfuckas Want (Blackburner Vs. DMX) 04:00
DMX Nz Done Started Something 04:56
Blackburner & DMX Shut Em Down (Blackburner Vs. DMX) 03:41
DMX For My Dogs 04:11
DMX Trina Moe 04:02
DMX My Niggas 01:27
DMXMaseThe Lox Niggas Dun Started Sumthin 04:55
DMX featuring JadaKiss and Styles P It's Personal (Dirty Album Version) 03:44
Blackburner & DMX Fuck With (Blackburner Vs. DMX) Rr Anthem 03:23
Blackburner & DMX Chains in Your Brain (Blackburner Vs. DMX) 03:42
The Carbonfools Closer (Hamvai PG & Eli Stahen DMX Remix) 05:55
Blackburner & DMX Don't Get It Twisted (Blackburner Vs. DMX) 03:31
DMX RightWrong 03:46
Blackburner & DMX Preach (Blackburner Vs. DMX) 03:41
The Lox featuring DMX and Lil' Kim Money, Power and Respect (Greatest Hits Version) 04:16
DMX Prayer III 01:59
DMX featuring Jinx and Janyce Blown Away (Dirty Album Version) 04:02
DMX Life Be My Song (Dirty Album Version) 04:02
DMX The Prayer V 01:46
DMX Fuckin' Wit' D 02:18
Blackburner & DMX Something Goin' Tonight (Blackburner Vs. DMX) 03:32
Blackburner & DMX We Gonna Tear Shit Up (Blackburner Vs. DMX) 03:48
Jay-Z Money Cash Hoes (feat. Memphis Bleek, DMX) Remix 02:58
Blackburner & DMX Hurting (Blackburner Vs. DMX) 03:41
Ay yo fuck y'all niggaz
(Man fuck you too)
Ay yo fuck y'all niggaz
(Man fuck you too)

It's big dog baby
Gettin down like what
See I'm a thorough bread
I don't fuck wit muts
Bloodline is
Where the pups at
They off the Grand Champ
Yea what black
Don't nothin move less
Dog say so
Cats clueless
About the way it go
Off the chain I got
At least 3 kills
Even though my last album only did 3 mil
I still give em chill
Cuz they feel dog
I can't help what it is
Shit is real dog
You must have thought that
It was a joke or somethin
Now you done fucked around
And got your man choked for frontin
Now hold up playa
Cuz I don't play those games
And don't ask me shit
Cuz I don't say no names
See what I know I'm taking
To the fuckin grave
So keep knockin cuz you ain't gettin a fuckin thing

[Chorus x4]

Ay yo
Who we be was off the last joint
But now it's who we see
And we forget the last joint
Cats ain't never walked like X
Even before coochie rapper talked like sex
I've been around since at least 83
So ain't no sense in you motherfuckers hatin me
Cuz I'm gon be here when you cats is gone
And other cats is on
Another batch is born
Don't give a fuck
Bout none of y'all
Fuck each and every one of y'all
Cuz I done done it all
Been where ya at
Been where ya goin
Then brought it back
I tried to tell ya bout it
But you wouldn't listen
Now I'm gonna take you to the hood
Cuz the hood will listen
I wish you woulda listened
Cuz then you woulda known
That it's only right
To give a dog a bone

[Chorus x2]

Aw Man
There are some things I can't stand
When a nigga holla wanna shake my left hand
When a nigga follow cuz he actin like my man
Nigga might as well swallow cuz he actin like a fan
And I got balls like you do
Man I got paul to pull through you
Stan don't they know how we do
In to the streets with our hearts to the people
Gots to give a little to get somethin back
And what you usually give see you ain't nothin black
But when you don't give then it won't last
His shit will disappear like wit a nigga that smoked fast
You'll get broke fast
That's the lord's will
Hold up I think somebody's a the door
Shhh chill
You sit right there
I'm gonna answer that
Cuz when I finish poppin ain't nobody answerin back

[Chorus x4]

Fuck it


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