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Elastica – 2:

Banda Elastica Serie de 7 sintitulo I. 5,4,3,2,1... 01:56
Elastica 21 02:34
Elastica 21 02:33
Elastica Human (Ведьма из Блэр 2 Книга теней) 03:26
Elastica 21 02:32
Club Nouveau 002 Hour 2 02 - Elastica - Rush! (Brian Cross vs. Elastica Remix) 04:19
Elastica 21 03:42
Elastica 21 02:26
Elastica 2 1 02:29
Elastica Human (OST "Blair Witch 2 Book of Shadows") 01:01
11 Elastica Connection(2 Many DJ's vol.1) 01:47
Voinov Di Elastica vol.2 02:47
Keeping a brave face
In circumstances is impossible
Cannot describe
So many decisions
Its impossible
To know which is
The proper order
The best position to be in
Take advantage
Or so it seems
The way it goes

Sandman comes (its tragic)
Two to one (laid down on your side)
In the dark (too easy)
Dark reflections (you know that you know)
In my head (youre soaking wet)
In my bed (you talk too much)
Again (its not necessary)

Sandman goes (before the ice melts)
Two in tow (I just want to say)
Wet and dumb (this packets yours)
Threes the number (dont ask for more)
Coming down (cos somewhere along the line)
Coming round again (Ive forgotten already)


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