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Elastica – 2:

Elastica My Sex 04:10
Elastica Nothing Stays The Same 02:44
Elastica Da Da Da 03:52
Elastica Generator 01:50
Elastica Human 03:29
Elastica Love Like Ours 02:22
Elastica Miami Nice 03:21
Hey! Elastica Elastican Chant No.2 01:51
Elastica KB 03:12
Elastica Image Change 03:27
Hey! Elastica My Kinda Guy 03:27
Banda Elastica Pellizza Mi Ma 03:19
Banda Elastica Pellizza Stile 02:46
Hey! Elastica Twist That Town 08:42
Hey! Elastica Suck A Little More... 03:10
Hey! Elastica Party Games 03:09
Hey! Elastica Suck A Little Honey (7'' Version) 03:12
Hey! Elastica Sex With Your Dancing Partner 04:12
Hey! Elastica Clay Hips (12'' Version) 04:43
Hey! Elastica Perfect Couple 02:35
Hey! Elastica Barbarella 03:42
New Tribute Kings Connection Originally Performed By Elastica (Tribute Version) 02:21
Banda Elastica Pellizza Pollo 05:53
Banda Elastica Pellizza Tre Bon 05:04
Banda Elastica Pellizza Orbito 05:02
Banda Elastica Pellizza Ninna Oh 04:15
Ice Mc Elastica 03:28
Hey! Elastica This Town (7'' Version) 03:09
Hey! Elastica Eat Your Heart Out (12'' Version) 04:50
Hey! Elastica Party Games (12'' Version) 08:04
Hey! Elastica Heaven (Should've Been Here) 04:24
Hey! Elastica Cafe Des Bruits 04:07
Hey! Elastica That Town (7'' Version) 04:01
Hey! Elastica This Town 03:48
Hey! Elastica That Town 05:07
Banda Elastica Pellizza Cani 04:11
Banda Elastica Pellizza Parliamo Tutti Di 04:29
Hey! Elastica Polaroid Picture Zoo 03:12
Banda Elastica Pellizza Et Voilà! Monsieur Hulot 05:31
Hey! Elastica Eat Your Heart Out (7'' Version) 03:08
Banda Elastica Pellizza Abbiam Vestito Sarah 06:17
Hey! Elastica Clay Hips (7'' Version) 02:53
Hey! Elastica Suck A Little Honey (12'' Version) 05:33
Banda Elastica Pellizza La Parola Che Consola 05:00
Banda Elastica Pellizza Il Chakra Della Lumasa 05:48
The So So Glos Connection (Elastica) 02:14
Question Mark Mentira (Solar System vs. Elastica Remix) 06:44
Supersubmarina Elastica Galactica (BCN) 03:16
Supersubmarina Elastica Galactica 03:14
Potato Elastica Conciencia 05:23
GummiHz Gomma Elastica 07:49
Banda Elastica Pellizza Dietro Ogni Parola 09:45
Die Oralapostel Ursula Elastica 02:44
PIF Musica elastica 06:29
Pietro Tonolo, Giampaolo Casati, Roberto Rossi, Rossano Emili, Gabriele Mirabassi & Massimo Pirone La Banda Elastica 06:57
Elastica Trainspotting 02:33
Elastica Connection 02:17
Elastica Connection 1994 - Elastica 02:20
Elastica Mad Dog God Dam 03:16
Elastica Two for one 02:34
ELASTICA How He Wrote Elastica Man 02:02
Elastica Human 03:23
Elastica Mad Dog 03:16
Elastica Only Human 03:24
Elastica Atomic (Blondie cover) 05:09
Elastica Da Da Da 03:51
Elastica Da Da Da 03:55
Elastica Human 03:26
ELASTICA Your Arse My Place 02:16
Elastica Love Like Ours 02:23
Elastica Human 03:22
Elastica Ready to go 05:01
Elastica Drop Dead Gorgeous 04:31
Elastica How We Wrote Elastica Man 02:02
Elastica The Way I Like It 02:39
Elastica Connection 02:02
Elastica Ready to Go 05:00
ELASTICA Mad Dog God Dam 03:15
Elastica Connection 01:24
Elastica Human 01:01
Elastica Mad Dog God Dam ("The Menace"-2000) 03:16
Elastica My 04:10
Elastica Da-da-da (feat. Damon Albarn as Norman Balda) 03:52
Elastica Connection 02:16
Elastica Trigger Happy TV - Connection 02:20
Elastica Generator ("The Menace"-2000) 01:50
Elastica A Love Like Ours 02:22
Elastica-The Menace񟭀 01 Mad Dog God Dam 03:16
Elastica How He Wrote Elastica Man feat. Mark E. Smith 02:02
Elastica Da Da Da 03:42
Elastica 06. Connection 02:17
Elastica Elastica Man 02:02
Elastica Miami Nice 03:20
Elastica Connection (все в гитар хироу крутые хиты фигачат, а я вот ее все играю!))..) 02:20
elastica my sex (горячая музычка) 04:10
Elastica Your Arse My Place 01:46
Keeping a brave face
In circumstances is impossible
Cannot describe
So many decisions
Its impossible
To know which is
The proper order
The best position to be in
Take advantage
Or so it seems
The way it goes

Sandman comes (its tragic)
Two to one (laid down on your side)
In the dark (too easy)
Dark reflections (you know that you know)
In my head (youre soaking wet)
In my bed (you talk too much)
Again (its not necessary)

Sandman goes (before the ice melts)
Two in tow (I just want to say)
Wet and dumb (this packets yours)
Threes the number (dont ask for more)
Coming down (cos somewhere along the line)
Coming round again (Ive forgotten already)


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