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Monochrome no Kiss

Jackie-O Monochrome no Kiss (Kuroshitsuji TV-1 OP 1) 03:57
SID Monochrome no Kissминусовка 03:58
Amaya Monochrome no kiss (Темный Дворецкий на русском) 03:56
SID Monochrome no Kiss 03:54
Jackie-O(OP1.Full) Monochrome no Kiss.Тмный дворецкий. 03:57
Ciel Phantomhive Monochrome no kiss (Темный дворецкий) 03:52
SID Monochrome no Kiss (Black Butler TV-1 OP-1) 01:28
Monochrome no Kiss Piano Cover 03:44
SID Monochrome no Kiss (тмный дворецкий TV-1 OP) 04:00
07.04.13 Monochrome no Kiss 04:04
Pellek MONOCHROME NO KISS (Cover) 04:00
Sid Monochrome no Kiss 01:28
Anastasia-Nevermore Monochrome no kiss (music box) 01:37
DaizyStripper Monochrome no Kiss SID 04:59
Monochrome no Kiss piano 03:44
ZOLA Project WIL Monochrome no Kiss (Rus) 01:31
Kuroshitsuji Monochrome no Kiss 04:00
DaizyStripper Monochrome no kiss 03:59
Monochrome no Kiss Classical Version FULL song 03:23
SASHA Monochrome no kiss 03:57
SID Monochrome No Kiss LIVE 03:54
SID Monochrome no Kiss (-1) minus 03:55
Arienai Project Monochrome no Kiss 04:09
Kuroshitsuji Monochrome No Kiss 03:44
18moptop Monochrome no Kiss Female English Fandub 04:00
Акира22 Черно-белый поцелуй Monochrome no Kiss (Kuroshitsuji OP) 04:23
Цукимия Рин Tsukimiya Rin Monochrome no Kiss или возвращение блуждающей 04:49
sid monochrome no kiss 04:28
Vocals, English Lyrics, Mixing: Y. Chang
Original Artist: SID

I close my eyes, the touch of your fingers
Through monochrome the memory lingers
You and me
I see
A dream of blind destiny

And it's into your arms I'm melting
And it's the first time I've ever felt like this
You are the hand that's dealt me
The tempter sealing my fate
With a kiss

And in a flash, the stars align
I search beyond the words, wanting a sign
But lost inside your eyes
Lies become clearer to see
They tell a different story
So take the reins and don't let go
I want this pain to scar deep, for I know
In spite of every sign crying this night to be true
The sun will rise without you

So here's another kiss
To tainted bliss
A toast to empty promise
With virtue pretending love as our ending
We fall by the light of the moon


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