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u o e n o rock

VINNE, Malik Mustache, N.E.O.N Rock U (feat. Samantha Nova) 06:41
VINNE, Malik Mustache, N.E.O.N, Samantha Nova Rock U (Radio Edit) 03:27
VINNE, Malik Mustache, N.E.O.N Rock U 06:41
VINNE, Malik Mustache, N.E.O.N, Samantha Nova Rock U 06:41
Адвайта Девочка Rock'n'Roll 02:53
Jay Rock King's Dead 03:45
May Wave$ Rock Star 02:07
Queen We Will Rock You 01:35
The Subways Rock & Roll Queen 02:52
Сергей Лазарев Так красиво (Rock and Rave remix) 03:11
БИ-2 Мой рок-н-ролл 06:15
Rock (of Heltah Skeltah) I Am Rock 03:50
XXXTENTACION SMASH! (feat. PnB Rock) 01:49
LMFAO Party Rock Anthem 04:23
ФРЕНДЗОНА Эмо-рок стар 03:21
Classic Rock, Indie Rock, Metal, The Rock Masters Zombie 03:50
KlassicKuts I Love Rock 'N' Roll 02:52
ACDC She Likes Rock N Roll 03:53
Rock I Am Rock 03:50
Twisted Sister I Wanna Rock 03:03
Nickelback We Will Rock You 01:59
Рок-Острова Ничего Не Говори 04:13
Lordi Hard Rock Hallelujah 02:59
Archive Fuck U 05:14
60's 70's 80's 90's Hits I Love Rock n' Roll 02:44
Dropout Rock n Roll 03:34
Like Post feat. Brad Rock Love U (Andy Lime Remix) 07:34
U.D.O. Rock'n'roll Soldiers 04:15
Elvis Presley Jail House Rock 02:27
P.O.D. Boom 03:10
Marilyn Manson Rock Is Dead 03:09
Рок-острова Ничего не говори 04:22
Justin Timberlake Rock Your Body 04:27
Scorpions Rock You Like a Hurricane 04:16
N.E.R.D. Rock Star (Jason Nevins Remix Edit) 03:49
ACDC T.N.T. 03:34
Louna Ночь, дорога и рок 03:12
Рок-Острова Лишь только солнце 03:25
Avril Lavigne Rock N Roll 03:26
Saliva Sex, Drugs & Rock -N- Roll 04:17
The Subways Rock & Roll Queen 02:50
GUNS N' ROSES Welcome To The Jungle 04:33
Rock Mafia The Big Bang 02:40
One Direction Rock Me 03:20
Группа "Город 312" Обернись (Rock Version) 04:03
Rag'n'Bone Man As You Are 03:48
Rae Sremmurd Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame (From SR3MM) 04:26
The Rock Masters Another Brick in the Wall 03:00
D.J. Rock 90's Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) 03:23
System Of A Down Kill Rock 'n Roll (Explicit Album Version) 02:28
Rock Giants Smells Like Teen Spirit 04:54
Рок-Острова Белым снегом 05:15
Louna Мой рок-н-ролл 03:55
ONE OK ROCK Listen 03:39
Indie Rock R U Mine 03:28
ACDC Hard as a Rock 04:31
Britney Spears I Love Rock 'N' Roll 03:06
ACDC Rock N Roll Train 04:21
Bedük Rock 'N' Roll Queen 02:41
БИ-2 Мой рок-н-ролл (feat. Симфонический Оркестр МВД России & Чичерина) 06:15
Like Post feat. Brad Rock Love U (Dual Frequency & Alvim Remix) 06:38
Chuck Berry Rock And Roll Music 02:30
КняZZ Рок-н-ролльный дед мороз 03:52
Bill Haley Rock Around the Clock 02:16
ONE OK ROCK We Are 04:15
Led Zeppelin Rock And Roll 03:39
Guns N' Roses Knockin' On Heaven's Door 05:36
Five Finger Death Punch Rock Bottom 02:32
Supernatural Rock U 03:12
Пика Rock n Roll & Gun 03:21
Skillet Awake and Alive (Rock Radio Mix) 03:29
Jessica Myrberg I Love Rock n' Roll 02:52
Пилот Рок 03:59
EDEN rock + roll 04:56
Guns N' Roses Paradise City 06:45
Motörhead Rock 'n' Roll 03:47
Daft Punk Robot Rock 04:47
Louna feat. Симфонический оркестр Globalis Ночь, дорога и рок 03:46
Halestorm Rock Show 03:19
Браво Ленинградский рок-н-ролл 02:25
PnB Rock Selfish 04:05
Wildways D.O.I.T. 04:13
Rag'n'Bone Man The Fire 03:42
D.J. Rock 90's Beautiful Life 03:41
ONE OK ROCK Taking Off 03:38
Hailee Steinfeld Rock Bottom 03:18
Lordi Hard Rock Hallelujah (Eurovicious Radio Edit) 02:59
ONE OK ROCK Bombs Away 04:24
Young Thug, 2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifa & PnB Rock Gang Up 03:51
Caravan Palace Rock It for Me 03:11
The Rock Army TNT 03:25
NEL feat. ST Rock'n'Roll 03:32
Rock Giants Smells Like Teen Spirit (Originally Performed by Nirvana) Karaoke Version 04:54
Рок-Острова Я Ваша Тайна 03:20
Би-2 Мой Рок-н-Ролл (Мой ROCK N ROLL) 06:45
The Queen Kings We Will Rock You 03:16
[Intro: Future]
U.O.E.N.O it
Ol’ high class niggas
This shit sound crazy,
Fly shit only
You know what I’m sayin’?

[Hook: Future]
This a thousand dollar pair of shoes and you don’t even know it
This a thousand dollar cup of lean and you don’t even know it
This a half a million dollar car, you don’t even know it
I came up from bottom, you don’t even know it
My niggas all ride with me on, you don’t even know it
Got killers with me right now, you don’t even know it
This a million dollar watch nigga, you don’t even know it
Got a million dollar crib nigga, you don’t even know it

[Verse 1: Rocko]
Ay that monster truck, sit tall as fuck, it’s so big can’t even tow it
Don’t like snakes keep my grass cut, so low can’t even mow it
Sip Dom Perri’, little high glow, no no we don’t do Moet
If it ain’t P.J., no Rose from me ho, so don’t even pour it
Specks on Tom Ford, button-down Michael Kors
Always on like the refrigerator, I’m plugged in, ho, you know it
AP and that PK, wear a Breitling when I’m bored
Got a Masterpiece and a 41-millimeter, and you ain’t even know it
Keep the .45 in my pocket: ain’t gon’ show it ’til I have to pop it
Then you gone know it, damn who shot you, they don’t even know it
Hawks game f-ckin’ floor it, TV seat front row it
Rocko Da Don CEO it, ain’t gotta rap and you know it

[Hook: Future]

[Verse 2: Rick Ross]
That nigga sold you that re-rock, you ain't even know it
I die over these Reeboks, you ain't even know it
Put Molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it
I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain't even know it
Got a hundred acres I live on, you ain't even know it
Got a hundred rounds in this AR, you ain't even know it
Got a bag of bitches I play with, on cloud 9 in my spaceship
Zoned out but he stay fresh from Zone 1 through Zone 6
Bricks all in my blood, birds all in my dreams
Boats all in my yard, lemon pepper my wings
I’m bout to get you fuck niggas wacked, you ain't even know it
Your main nigga bout to turn his back, you ain't even know it

[Hook: Future]

[Verse 3: ASAP Rocky]
Been rich for 'bout a year now, you ain't even know it
Had a long talk with my accountant, I ain't even blow it
The whole game bit my shit, you ain't even know it
A$AP on the remix, you ain't even know it
I say these niggas, need lord - got a crib they can't even afford
In the club lookin' all bored
Show 'em your money, you ain't even throw it
And that crib you don't even own it
That lean, you ain't even pour it
Every bad bitch dream about my dick, you ain't even know it
She poppin' and droppin' it lower
Droppin' it down to the floor
Give you the feeling it's yours, hoping you, score, you ain't even know her
She asked about my journey as she sat upon my lap
I said "I'm fresh up out the slums but I ain't never going back"
You ain't know?

[Hook: Future]

[Verse 4: Wiz Khalifa]
We've got a lot of marijuana
If you see me you got a problem
Run up on me like you want it
Guaranteed we're gonna solve it
They'll be thinkin' someone shot him
Hit him with a bottle
I'mma let a nigga have it
Started from the bottom
Now my diamonds looking autumn
And police don't even caught him
It's a milli if you call him, presidential rollie
It's a ticket if you want it
And I'll show you lil' niggas you can get it if you want it


That good weed you don't even blow
See I drank so much Bombay in here tonight, can't even drive
And that head feel so good to me that I can't even lie
See me all up on the curb, you think I'm drunk when I'm swerving
See you ask how much it cost, you niggas got a lot of nerve
So much money
All the motherfuckin' bottles up in here I got nervous


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