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Undefined Calling You 03:12
Undefined Intentions 04:30
Undefined Your Heart Is Black 03:20
Undefined Strangers 03:00
Undefined Breathe to Move 04:58
Undefined In Two Minds 05:25
Undefined Straight In 04:03
Undefined Inside Me 04:42
Undefined Shack Out 04:44
Low Orbit Drift Undefined Black Hole 04:48
Undefined The Calm 04:07
Undefined The Coroners Code 01:42
Nocturnal Rites Something Undefined 04:08
Edgar Allen Floe (feat. The Undefined) Moonlight 04:50
Lost Midas Undefined (feat. Rachel Geller) 03:52
DJ The Fox Undefined 06:35
HVL Undefined 04:19
Mr. Maro Undefined 06:45
Artemono Undefined 06:46
R3kled Undefined 03:00
Intri Undefined (The Primes Remix) 06:08
Intri Undefined 06:08
Jacob Shea Undefined Charges 02:42
Hi-Rez Undefined 03:40
Max Duke Undefined Time 06:40
Bo Haan Undefined 03:25
Matt Duke undefined 04:22
Gingerpig Undefined Call 04:28
Cris Mora Undefined 03:22
Orbit Starz Undefined Emotionz 06:25
Vortex Undefined Motion 06:23
Nesia Ardi Undefined (feat. Indra Dauna) 08:32
Kristian Marstal Undefined Love 05:38
Empire Drowns Stumble Undefined 04:02
The Rhythm-Fixxer Undefined Influence 06:00
Michael Weis Undefined Time 08:10
Foster Believe (undefined) 03:22
Annemarie Zimakoff Undefined Distance 03:07
Sfrisoo Undefined (Undefined Mix) 05:43
Max Duke Undefined Time (Dave Ellesmere Remix) 07:29
The Rhythm-Fixxer, El Brujo Undefined Influence (feat. El Brujo) 06:42
KopUD Undefined Noize (Original Mix) 03:31
Almighty Siles Made It(Single to Undefined) 03:23
The Crazymen Classified Undefined 03:28
Pepcie Lapate Undefined (Original) 07:14
BwD Undefined Memories 04:20
Sobrinos Del Rey Recordando A Manuel(undefined) 03:19
Sinead Lohan Clearly Undefined 03:02
∆lan Perazzolo Undefined (Original Mix) 06:27
The Rhythm-Fixxer, Mikey Reverb Undefined Influence (Mikey Reverb Remix) 06:32
Raffael Gruber Undefined Effect 01:31
The Rhythm-Fixxer, Makaja Gonzales Undefined Influence (Makaja Gonzales Remix) 08:03
Jess Lee Undefined Relationship 04:01
Alvaro Arroyo Undefined 07:10
Cris Mora Undefined 03:21
Sfrisoo Undefined (Undefined Extended Mix) 08:19
The Glücks Generation Undefined 04:28
Foster Something To Say (undefined) 03:18
Passion of Today Lost in the Undefined 03:45
Bull In A China Shop Quartet Undefined Lands 08:34
Undefined Harvard Blue Theme Music (Interlude) 00:20
Undefined The Final Exit 00:29
Ian Heslop Undefined Destinations 00:43
Undefined Mind of Mason (Interlude) 00:35
undefined undefined 01:09
undefined undefined 03:08
undefined undefined 03:11
undefined undefined 03:07
undefined Доченка моя 01:09
undefined undefined 02:58
Undefined Dogs Unleashed 03:41
undefined undefined 02:01
undefined Кто пьет тому наливайте 03:17
UNDEFINED Vengeance 05:14
undefined non 06:43
undefined -дай мне время 03:56
undefined 3 03:36
undefined I 02:54
Undefined Swinging Pendulums (feat. Nutso, Famoso, Sycksyllables) 02:54
UNDEFINED Mass Suicide 05:16
undefined Track 5 03:44
Undefined Breathe to Move (2) 04:56
Undefined Intentions Premiere 04:30
Undefined Beneath Us 04:27
undefined undefined 03:17
undefined taha gujuk(2016) 02:34
undefined 7-2-7-2 01:59
Jah Khalib Ты Словно Целая Вселенная (-) 03:46
Undefined Bonus It Still Aint Safe (feat. King Syze, Reef The Lost Cauze, Relik) 03:54
PrayD FamilY ( Pa!N ) feat Undefined Виртуальные отношения 03:30
.PrayD Family.( Undefined. ) feat. UnchEckeD - воспоминания забытые! воспоминания забытые! 02:46
Undefined Hand Of A Surgeon (feat. Typ iLL) 01:51
Chillhomers Undefined (feat. M.Egorov Original Mix) 04:29
Undefined Dalai Lama (feat Outerspace) 03:57
undefined undefined 02:25
undefined undefined 01:55
undefined undefined 02:22
undefined undefined 02:11
What is this world, what is it we've created
In the burdens of this life I cannot rest
this world means nothing

Everything we hold will pass away
with a void of completion comfort will ever fade
I long for this wind to cease

Everything we hold will pass away
Everything we hold will pass away
I long for this wind to cease

We once held undying devotion
now dead to our thoughts, undefined like our love

Everything we hold will pass away
Everything we hold will pass away


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