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Undefined Calling You 03:12
Nocturnal Rites Something Undefined 04:08
Undefined Intentions 04:30
Downsyde Undefined 03:27
Undefined In Two Minds 05:25
Empire Drowns Stumble Undefined 04:02
Undefined Strangers 03:00
Undefined Straight In 04:03
Gingerpig Undefined Call 04:28
Jess Lee Undefined Relationship 04:01
Undefined Breathe to Move 04:58
Undefined Your Heart Is Black 03:20
Jacob Shea Undefined Charges 02:42
Sinead Lohan Clearly Undefined 03:02
Culprate feat. CoMa & Koda Undefined 04:22
Culprate Undefined ft. Coma & Koda 04:16
Low Orbit Drift Undefined Black Hole 04:48
minóy memory undefined (dream as truth) 27:58
Richard Chartier & Yann Novak Undefined 39:28
EastNewSound (Hotaru ほたる) undefined songs 04:59
InS love requestfull undefined 03:02
Undefined Swinging Pendulums (feat Nutso, Famoso, Sycksyllables) 02:54
Emetore ft. Caitlin Zarrella Undefined (Guau remix) 05:52
Equal Minds Theory Undefined (0) 09:19
Edgar Allen Floe 5 - The Dirt (feat Mal Demolish of The Undefined) (prod. Erv) 04:06
Dave Lebon Biface (Digital Department Remix) Undefined Records 04:23
UNO спасибо за минуты ->httpwww.filefront.com16073921undefined 03:39
AMC Undefined Motion (Original Mix)..Drum'n'Bass.. 06:08
As I Lay Dying Undefined 02:16
undefined undefined 03:10
kalon. Undefined 03:51
ZUN Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind Undefined Fantastic Object 07:41
undefined undefined 02:11
see no evil Undefined 01:56
undefined undefined 02:14
Cavalier Undefined 02:44
Forever Undefined Take me To Chicago 03:43
Minóy memory undefined (1 part) 09:23
IRON-CHINO Future is Undefined 01:59
Argon Sphere Undefined Emotional Frequencies 07:25
Undefined No copyright 01:55
Dj Sanik !!! undefined 03:21
undefined undefined 00:09
Undefined & Da Mindbender Sleepwalkah 04:15
undefined undefined 01:20
MMD Undefined 03:48
Nevarakka Undefined Elements 11:46
Constantine World Undefined 04:11
undefined undefined 00:09
What is this world, what is it we've created
In the burdens of this life I cannot rest
this world means nothing

Everything we hold will pass away
with a void of completion comfort will ever fade
I long for this wind to cease

Everything we hold will pass away
Everything we hold will pass away
I long for this wind to cease

We once held undying devotion
now dead to our thoughts, undefined like our love

Everything we hold will pass away
Everything we hold will pass away


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