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Nocturnal Rites Something Undefined 04:08
Culprate feat. CoMa & Koda Undefined 04:22
Low Orbit Drift Undefined Black Hole 04:48
Culprate Undefined ft. Coma & Koda 04:16
Hatsune Miku Undefined 03:51
undefined calling you 03:12
Undefined No copyright 01:01
Edgar Allen Floe The Dirt (feat. Mal Demolish of The Undefined) (Prod. by Erv Ford) 04:06
Imugem Orihasam Undefined 06:21
Holly & Senojnayr Undefined Ways 03:06
Culprate feat. CoMa & Koda Undefined 04:22
Araphel Caverns Of Undefined Darkness 05:10
Da-little Undefined 03:51
TomCole Undefined (Paul Hamilton Remix) 06:23
Yakui The Maid Undefined Room Object 07:17
Forever Undefined Take me To Chicago 03:43
Attemporal & Ness Undefined Time Lapse (Original MIx) 06:13
Urbani Undefined (Original Mix) vk.combestelectronic 05:21
OST Алиса в стране чудес (финальная,титры) undefined 03:07
MMD Undefined 03:48
Hoodzie N Undefined Feat Marie Louise Journey (Hoodzie Remix) 05:04
Stylic Paperman(The Undefined Mixtape) 03:39
Nekomura Iroha - Undefined - VOCALOIDカバー 03:49
undefined the Game you Play Mirai Nikki OST 02:05
Hatsune Miku Undefined 03:48
As I Lay Dying 07. Undefined 02:16
Sparrow The Movement Undefined' 04:28
Mad At Gravity Undefined Reversion 07:22
Giom & Deeligent Soul Undefined State (Giom Remix) 06:32
Stendeck About gravity and the undefined science of human attraction 04:02
【初音ミク - Hatsune Miku Append】 Undefined 【Alma-Gemea Remix】 06:03
Gone By Tomorrow Undefined 01:50
Trashlagoon Undefined Smth 03:20
Undefined It Still Aint Safe (feat King Syze, Reef The Lost Cauze, Relik) 03:54
Undefined Until You Die 03:08
Edgar Allen Floe Moonlight (feat. The Undefined) 04:50
Undefined No copyright 04:25
Q-Factory An Undefined Future 02:46
PrayD FamilY ( Pa!N ) feat Undefined Виртуальные отношения 03:30
Ridney At Night (Undefined Remix) 128Kbps 04:22
Nodrama Undefined 04:27
Culprate Undefined (Ft. Coma & Koda) 04:09
Montana Watch Undefined ( 00:27
Icons Time Undefined (Jason oS Remix) 04:41
William Ryan Fritch Undefined 02:19
Undefined & Da Mindbender Sleepwalkah2 04:15
AMC Undefined Motion (Original Mix) 06:08
Вокалойды TDA凤凰旗袍ミク【初音ミク】Undefined【大神犬PV付】 03:50
Culprate Undefined ft. CoMa & Koda 04:16
HVL Undefined 04:15
What is this world, what is it we've created
In the burdens of this life I cannot rest
this world means nothing

Everything we hold will pass away
with a void of completion comfort will ever fade
I long for this wind to cease

Everything we hold will pass away
Everything we hold will pass away
I long for this wind to cease

We once held undying devotion
now dead to our thoughts, undefined like our love

Everything we hold will pass away
Everything we hold will pass away


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